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We will be your factory and team in China.

OEM & Customize

Be your factory set up in China. Help realize your ideas on original rubber floor from 0 to 1. Be your design team, meeting all your customized demands.

Integrative solutions

Provide product integrative solutions based on your request. Think as your need.

Factory direct

We are a real factory, producing goods directly, no middlemen, you will get the cheapest factory prices. We are also able to control the quality directly, making your purchase worry-free.

Quick response

Reply within 6 business hours. Efficient communication will be your strongest help in developing your market.


Our rubber floor have passed the CE, RoHS, REACH and Fireproofing certification.

Free sample + customized color

We support free sample and color customized.

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we don't just provide products; we offer comprehensive, customized solutions.

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Client satisfaction

Best Product Experts Team Ever

I ordered gym floor from Meettfit only because it is the only brand I trust in China, my colleague has personally visited their factory and was impressed with their advanced equipment. My consumers are not resistant to having high quality portable power stations. I have high expectations of the manufacturer’s design capabilities, but Meettfit never disappoints me.

Eric Solo

Smart fitness LLC

Finally, A Rapid Response Force

What I pay most attention to is the quality and the responsiveness, this company is undoubtedly impressive. The Meettfit team was quick to respond and also delivered on time.

jacket York

Power Sport Inc

How is it produced?

Adequate stock of raw materials

With a robust inventory of raw materials, we can promptly start production for urgent orders, thus reducing lead times. In fact, we can fulfill significant orders, such as a 20GP, in as short as 2 days. This agility showcases our dedication to meet customer needs rapidly and professionally, boosting our reliability and flexibility as a factory.

Churning of raw materials

Our skilled operators precisely measure each ingredient as per strict guidelines, key for a consistent mix and final product quality. We utilize efficient industrial-grade mixers for homogeneous blending, reducing inconsistencies and enhancing product integrity.

During the process, we carefully manage temperature and pressure, as these significantly affect the rubber blend’s characteristics. By ensuring precise control, we can achieve desired attributes, further refining subsequent production stages.

Vulcanized lamination

The vulcanization process, through temperature and pressure, allows the raw materials to be fully bonded, enhancing the material properties and making the resulting rubber tile more consistent in quality, amplifying the inherent properties of rubber, such as elasticity and hardness. As a result, the product exhibits superior durability. This means that, in addition to sheer longevity, our products excel in performance, ensuring that our customers receive a high grade of rubber flooring.

Roll cutting

Breaking the barriers of traditional machines, the old machines used to cut the coil immediately after it was pressed, because the old machines could not cut the material after it was cooled, in which case the cut out coil was unstable and appeared to expand or shrink too much. Now our exclusive first developed cutting machine solves this problem by waiting for the raw material to cool before cutting, so that the quality of the cut out coil is more stable.

Quality Inspection Step 1

Measure the length, width and thickness, while weighing, through these 4 dimensions for the detection of the primary condition. The finished product must be sufficiently thick, and the dimensions must not have an error beyond the normal range.

Quality Inspection Step 2

Through the instrument to test the edge hardness is uniform, to ensure that the whole rubber floor hardness is uniform, this is the most basic quality requirements.

Custom rubber floor with Easy

Support shape and size customized.

Support logo customized.

Support pattern customized.

Support custom packaging. This is blister packaging. Each piece = 1 square meter, suitable for supermarket retail.

Support custom packing boxes. Help you to establish your brand effect.

Support color customization.


Commercial gym

Gym studio or home gym

Garage conversion fitness area

Horse stall

Outdoor storage sheds


outdoor kids parks

outdoor workout parks

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